Someya is a young, vibrant, prolific, and established singer-songwriter. She has appeared on stage in professional productions since elementary school. She further refined her skills while attending programs at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Someya regularly performs live across multiple venues.

A multi-instrumentalist, Someya plays guitar, piano, and flute. Because of her abiding passion for musical theater, Someya’s songwriting incorporates a great sense of storytelling. Her songs explore themes of the shared human experience, the complex and nuanced relationships people forge with one another, and the intricacies of emotional responses to diverse situations.

“My process is different for every song,” Someya explains. “Sometimes it starts with an idea for lyrics or melody. Sometimes I sit down with an instrument, play some chords, and put it all together. I add a lot of analogy to my lyrics. I like my songs to be very descriptive. I haven’t heard a lot of that out there. And my songs mean a lot to me. I want to write about what people feel and what they can relate to. Even though the lyrics are personal, I try to create a shared experience.”

At 17, Someya is well-versed in the structure of composition, emotive lyrics, and captivating scores. This passionate singer-songwriter from Northern California has already debuted a professionally produced EP titled “This Flame.” Two of the songs from the album, including the title song “This Flame” and the up-tempo song “Intoxicated,” have already received over 100,000 views on YouTube, accompanied by countless accolades since their premier.

The moving and inventive album “This Flame” is available on iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, Google Play Music, Spotify, and other online locations.


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